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Deprecate MediaWiki configurative variable, $wgObjectCacheSessionExpiry
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$wgObjectCacheSessionExpiry relies on the use of having $wgSessionsInObjectCache enabled ($wgSessionsInObjectCache = true;). Since $wgSessionsInObjectCache is deprecated since 1.27, ideally $wgObjectCacheSessionExpiry should also be deprecated.

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No, this setting is still used. I think the deprecation of $wgSessionsInObjectCache is a bit misleading here. What actually changed is that $wgSessionsInObjectCache is *always* true, so the expiry setting still applies.

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Right now we're deciding on the interface for the multi-master session store and we're trying to decide how exactly to configure the TTL for sessions, and coming across this setting I started looking into the current codebase and failed to find any use of the config variable. It seems like in MW 1.27 change

ObjectCacheSessionHandler is removed, replaced with MediaWiki\Session\PhpSessionHandler.

The last actual usage of the config variable has vanished. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that now the variable setting is a no-op, thus it should be deprecated and removed.

Oh, I've missed the use via config->get! I guess that means we need to support this in the multi-master session store if it's really used.

Legoktm closed this task as Declined.Nov 10 2018, 8:19 AM

Re-closing as declined, since the original premise of the task (that this was unused) was incorrect. If you want to propose deprecating it, I think that would be better suited for another task.