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Coordinate WMF staff who wish to attend the Francophone Wikiconvention 2017
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The Francophone WikiConvention will happen in Strasbourg, October 19-21.

This task is created to coordinate WMF staff and contractors who are interesting to attend, and maybe submit talks or organize workshops?

Interested attendees

Event Timeline

Trizek-WMF triaged this task as Lowest priority.Feb 23 2017, 2:59 PM
Trizek-WMF created this task.

Submissions made! Waiting for programme announcement.

Submissions made! Waiting for programme announcement.

I hope they will take your submissions into account: the deadline was two days ago. I'll ask.

I made them in time, just announcing it here late. ;) (except for the public talk, which i just discovered and think it's a great idea).

Thx for your submissions. The first version of the program is online.

The boardroom (salle du conseil) has the equipment for filming speakers. If it is possible to use it, what sessions must be filmed?

Don't forget to register (the form is in French).