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Changing alignment during thanking process and interplay of rollback link
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I am having an issue when stepping through the thanking process and an interplay with the redraw of the rollback link.

The changing places of links in the process means that the thanked "Yes" link will cause a redraw and the rollback link will be in exactly the same spot where the YES or the NO link was. If you have any finger stutter, or screen redraw delay, you can thank someone and the very next moment you are reverting their edit. [See images below for what I see\

about to thank



Now it could just by my phat phingers, however, this has happened more than once, and it would be useful if we could look at the relative displays on the interface so that it cannot happen so easily. I understand the difficulty due to the various displays, though I was thinking that if the thanked component always had its own line then it wouldn't be an issue.

Anyway, there are greater GUI minds out there who know these things, so I will leave it in your hands. Thanks.