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Request creation of Timeless labs project
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Project Name: Timeless
Purpose: Wiki to demo/showcase the timeless skin
Wikitech Username of requester: Isarra
Brief description: Need a wiki to showcase the Timeless skin so people can test it out per T154371. Am told labs is the place for this. Or something.
How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: Soon would be nice, since I have no idea how labs works or anything and it may take me some time to even get it working and people are already waiting...

Except I'm still fuzzy on why labs would be any better than anywhere else for this? Why is this better? Don't you still have the usual maintenance/account handling/security/spam/etc problems as anywhere, except now I'm asking for yet another virtual server to maintain, separate from everything else I already maintain? Am I understanding this correctly?

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I'm helping Isarra set up an instance in the social-tools project instead of creating a separate project.