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UploadWizard fails with Invalid CSRF token
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If you're using Firefox, this is probably the same as T151770: Frequent loss of session data in Firefox (since around 2016-11-28). If you're not, it's possible your session just randomly expired, especially if you had Special:UploadWizard open for a long time (hours) before starting to upload. I've glanced at our error logging data (see T156694 about making it public) and I don't see a larger than usual number of these errors, so it was an isolated issue.

There should have been a a button shown like "Retry failed uploads", and clicking it should have successfully uploaded the file. (There were some technical-debt-related reason why it wasn't retried automatically, last time I looked – maybe we could improve this today.) Was there a button like this, and did you try clicking it?

FYI, I am using Chrome, and it wasn't a hour-long session. May be it was open for 15 minutes.

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Thanks for the report, sadly without more information it's hard for us to know how to proceed - if more issues like this crop up, we will take another look.

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Closing task as "declined" until further reproduction disclosed.