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Possible labs imagelinks drift
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select page_namespace,page_title from imagelinks left join page on page_id = il_from where il_to = 'State_Railway_of_Thailand_Logo.png';

returns 22 results yet the live wiki shows 1

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In the new labs infra it shows just 1 result (the same one it shows in production) so this will be solved once we are completely moved to the new labs servers.
I would say it is not worth the effort (quite big) to solve it on the current (and soon deprecated) old labs servers.

To expand a bit more- You can already access a more accurate version of the Commons replicas on the new servers- those have not yet officially announced they are considered "in testing" phase, but we encourage you to use them already. Let me help you connect to them if you need a fixed version now.

jcrespo claimed this task.

This is fixed now, but again I encourage you to try the new servers soon, where this problem wasn't there in the first place.

labsdb1001> SELECT * FROM imagelinks where il_to = 'State_Railway_of_Thailand_Logo.png' and il_from != 1527960;
Empty set (0.01 sec)