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[Bug] Numerical sorting breaks categories that depend on it
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Ever since T146675 was implemented on the Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia, there have been some issues because of the way articles/sortkeys starting with numbers are lumped together under the heading "0–9". In normal article categories I don't see a problem with it, but in maintenance categories and especially Babel categories, it breaks things to the point that they are not useful.

Some examples:

  • This category sorts articles based on what year the {{best before}} template indicates (using last digit of the year), but everything is lumped together, so the sorting in the category doesn't make any sense.
  • Most importartly: Babel categories, which sort users by their level of knowledge of a language. 1 is basic, 2 is intermediate, 3 is advanced, etc. See e.g. this category, but really any babel category will do.

I'm not sure how to solve this, short of a solution like what's outlined in T30397.

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Adding the project MediaWiki-Internationalization, since this affects babel categories. Feel free to remove if it's not relevant.

The typical solution is to use subcategories rather than headers. See, for example,

DannyH added a subscriber: DannyH.

Declined as per kaldari's message -- this kind of categorization should be done with subcategories instead. I know that this impacts an existing workflow, and will take work to clean up, and I'm sorry about that. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to accommodate this use case in the new sorting collation.

Alright, thanks for the reply, I'll go and make some subcategories then. :-)

However, since sorting using numbers is default behaviour of the Babel extension, perhaps it should be considered to change the way it categorizes in the extension itself, rather than on a per-wiki config basis?