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reset admin password for Wikimania-l
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Can we please reset the admin password for Wikimania-l? It seems like none of the current admins have it.

Thank you!

Phoebe (

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I went ahead and reset the list admin password, and send the new one to the listed administrators of wikimania-l.

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Hi @RobH . Another Wikimania has happened and it turned out that this issue remains unresolved, because @Phoebe and I are still receiving wikimania-l bounce emails but still don't have the administrator password.

Would you please send the new password to so at least we can be sure that the people who have the admin password are the same as the people getting bounce emails?

@deryckchan: You are listed as a moderator for this mailing list, NOT a list administrator. So you wouldn't have received the password reset email.

When the password was reset on:

I went ahead and reset the list admin password, and send the new one to the listed administrators of wikimania-l.

It was only emailed out to the list administrators, those are currently listed as: adhair at, brassratgirl at, yuyu at, simon.shek at, at

I can reset the admin password again, but I'd like one of the list admins to confirm they never got the password (@Phoebe?)

@deryckchan: You are listed as a moderator for this mailing list, NOT a list administrator. So you wouldn't have received the password reset email.

That would make sense. But I don't have the moderator password either...! @Phoebe can you check if you have the admin password?

So I checked, and I only really have the command line tool to reset the list administrator password and have them automatically emailed out, I cannot (it seems) change the moderator password and have it automatically emailed out.

When a list admin password needs resetting, there is a nice change_pw script that is provided with mailman, and it can regenerate a new random password and email it out via command line options. Unfortunately, this script doesn't seem to support changing the moderator passwords.

This means the ideal way to change the moderator password is have a list admin change it, and then distribute it to the moderators. (The joys of mailman v2.)

If none of the list administrators are available, I can (via the web portal) set a new moderator password, and then manually (from my work email, NOT from the command line mailman user) send the new moderator password to tango.chan, deryckchan, and krischeng email addresses.

availibility note: It is the week immediately after Wikimania, so availability can be spotty for folks during travel. I'm happy to do this to expedite moderation of a list in what is likely its more active use time. I don't want to assume I should do this without being specifically asked to, since its stepping in the list admin duties a bit!

Please note not trying to avoid doing the mod pass reset, its only a few moments of work. I just didn't want to change it without confirmation, in case one of the three moderators does have the current one and doesn't want it reset.

Glad to help, I just don't want to step on any toes!

Were the moderator passwords reset in the 2015 global password reset?

Tango, Kris, and I were all added during the planning of Wikimania 2013 when the primary mode of logged, off-wiki communication between Wikimedians was still the email so multiple moderators were necessary! But it wasn't done properly: we must've been added as moderators but given the admin password of the time, rather than the moderator password.

So I'm fairly certain that unless an admin or moderator was able to see the moderator password in plain-text without resetting it, none of us would've known the moderator password.

I've alerted Kris and Tango via Twitter about this Phab thread.

I don't really recall if mod passwords were reset then, but they likely were.

Seems we have a few ways to resolve this for you three to have mod (or admin) access:

  • I can manually reset and email out the new mod password. It will list me as sender though, not mailman. This is due to mailman not having an automated way to reset moderator passwords, just administrator passwords.
  • One of the list admins can share the list admin password, and move your three emails to the admin field from moderator field.
  • One of the list admins can commnt on this task for me to move you three to list admins, and then reset the list admin password so it emails out to all admins for the list. This method lists mailman as the sender of the password email, since its automated within mailman.

I'll wait another week for the admins and other moderators to reply and let me know if they can get in. If not then I'll ask you for a moderator reset.

Sounds good! I'm going to assign this to you for that week, or until you hear back. When you have an update, feel free to assign back to me!

I've ascertained that as of last week, neither @Phoebe nor Simon Shek knew the admin password, and none of the moderators knew the moderator password.

Please reset both and send out the new passwords. We can then follow up with people to make sure they've got the new passwords.

I reset the admin password for them on Feb. 27th 2017. I will go ahead and reset it again, and it will go out to them automatically.

I've also reset the mod password, and manually emailed it to the mod list for the list.

The admins should re-open this if they don't get the password email.

RobH removed RobH as the assignee of this task.Sep 5 2017, 3:21 PM

I can confirm that I have received the moderator password and Simon has
received the admin password. Simon has subsequently made me admin and sent me the
new admin password. So I now have both passwords most recently generated by

The other admins and moderators (ping @Phoebe) should've been sent the new
passwords by email too. If any of you think you should've received a password
but haven't, email me to ask.