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Wikipedia not accepting login
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Author: franny_wentzel

Not accepting logins. Claims my browser (MSIE5 for Mac) is not accepting cookies even when set to 'never ask'.

Version: unspecified
Severity: blocker
Platform: Macintosh



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Confirmed with IE 5.2.3 (5815.1) on Mac OS X 10.5.2.

Might be related to the recent use of HttpOnly cookies; however my standalone cookie test page appears to be working fine. Will investigate, see if there's some extra interaction that's breaking things.

Fixed in r34083... (note the fix is not live yet but will be shortly)

The particular situation was that the session cookie was getting eaten as "disabled", thus not sent back to the server so your session state never quite happened. Other cookies on submit seemed to come in intact, but without the session cookie you'd get a big fat error message, even if you set the long-term login cookie option.

Mac/IE seems to always *see* the HttpOnly cookies, but it sometimes marks them as "disabled". It seems to be incorrectly parsing the options after the path, sometimes seeing "/;" as the path instead of "/". Failure is more likely if there's no expiration option (as with the session cookie), or if there *is* a secure option set.

Anyway, just set up a user-agent blacklist $wgHttpOnlyBlacklist and copied the Mac/IE entry over. The HttpOnly setting now gets ignored for blacklist hits as well as for old PHP versions, the check being encapsulated into wfHttpOnlySafe().

Also added some logging for cookie settings, around the setcookie() and session_set_cookie_params() calls.