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Trying to 'indent' an input box breaks the formatting on the rest of the page.
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Author: dan.bolser

For example, if I say something like:


: <inputbox> ... break = no </inputbox>

Some more text here.


The "Some more text here." is also indented by the ':'.

See the above page for an example.

I can't recreate this bug on the mediawiki website :(

On the above link I have "Checked out revision 34066".

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: major



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That's apparently parser error. It returns wrongly nested, thus invalid code.

The key of the problem is that it closes the </dd></dl> after opened <table> which causes those definition list closing tags are ignored (since table is opened) and thus everything remains indented.

I assume, that the problem is, that parser waits for the very first line break after the leading colon to close the <dd> element. And it in fact gets it pretty soon. I am not sure on which level, but either in wikitext there's line wrap right after <inputbox> or in HTML output it's after opening <table> of inputbox output.

Just tested, looks fixed