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The Hebrew version of upload wizard
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Upload wizard in Hebrew (and only in Hebrew) does not allowed accepting the license "PD-Israel" as a valid license. Screenshots for example:

English: - no problem
Russian: - no problem
Georgian: - no problem
Hebrew: - Problem --> No valid license

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Just a note. It was ok before but was changed from unknown reason.

IKhitron renamed this task from The Hebwer version of upload wizard to The Hebrew version of upload wizard .Feb 27 2017, 1:32 AM

Do you have a date? Or at least the last time it worked vs the first time it wasn't, Gea?

I am not using the upload wizard for my self but saw users uploading files with PD-IsraelGov and wonderd why they are doing so. This was probabely the problem. At least month.

Can you copy-paste the error text (the same as shown in the screenshot)? It would be useful to search for the text, to see where it comes from, and I can't type in Hebrew. :)

קוד הוויקי שהזנת אינו מכיל תבנית רישוי תקינה

Same massage you have in English in the license not valid.

IKhitron: I'm seeing uploads of User:Sokuya with PD-IsraelGov back to june 2016. May be it is better to ask him if this was the problem.

קוד הוויקי שהזנת אינו מכיל תבנית רישוי תקינה = The wikitext you entered doesn't contain a valid license template.

Thanks, but the time between Juny and February is too long. If we had a month, we could check the template history and relevant mediawiki deployments.

Sorry, I have no idea since when the problem appears.

Possibly started since we started checking for licenses to use Template:Template_license_tag (T140903)

Oddly, this API request (which we use to check if said template is included) produces different results when my interface language is set to he:{{PD-Israel}}&errorformat=html&errorlang=he&errorsuselocal=1&formatversion=2

see English vs Hebrew

That template uses an {{autotranslate|base=PD-Israel}}, so it includes Template:PD-Israel/en or Template:PD-Israel/he depending on the language.

Template:PD-Israel/en includes Template:PD-Israel/layout, which includes Template:PD-Layout, which in turn includes Template:License template tag.
Template:PD-Israel/he includes Template:PD-Layout-RTL, which doesn't include Template:License template tag.

Simply adding {{License template tag}} in there (probably best in Template:PD-Layout-RTL?) should fix this!

matmarex added a subscriber: Aklapper.

Thanks for investigating. Template:PD-Layout-RTL seems to be a unique thing, no other similar templates have separate RTL versions. And it seems that Template:PD-Layout supports RTL (it has some switches depending on text directionality).

So… I just redirected Template:PD-Layout-RTL to Template:PD-Layout: @IKhitron @Geagea Can you confirm that this fixes the issue for you?

I don't know what happens inside the uploader, @matmarex, Gea should answer on this, but I think there was a reason that this template was created in the first place, including the edit summary "didn't solve the problem". So there was some problem.

It was also in 2008, nine years ago. :) I'm not sure if problems from then still apply now. Looking at, a number of changes happened that were not reflected in the RTL version, including one that claims to fix an RTL bug. Other similar templates (e.g. Template:CC-Layout) never had an RTL version. If doesn't look broken (and it looks fine to me), I think redirecting was better.

I think it's work now. seems that some issues improved. Thanks IKhitron, matmarex and matthiasmullie.