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Show P31 in the Wikidata search results
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I think the most useful piece of information when searching is P 31. Please consider showing it in the search results.

.. and/or P 279 .

Reasonator makes good use of properties in search results.

P 2791.3 mio
P 3119.9 mio
Total21.1 mio
Descriptions (all languages, items with P 31/2798631 mio
Available descriptions290 mio
Missing descriptions8341 mio

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This is what the description is for. In many cases it will be redundant with that.

Many maybe (290 million), but most of the time not (in 8.3 billion cases).

@Lydia_Pintscher, showing description assumes that it is given for each item. Never the case. Any time i search in wikidata, it shows me useless Qnnn, or at most a label, because the search does not use language fallbacks. P-31/P-279 have much higher chance of having more informative label/description than the item itself, especially in the language i'm searching.