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[Hackathon doc sprint] Wikibase installation
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This is one of the main topics of the Wikidata documentation Sprint during the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017.

Feel free to add in subtasks your ideas of tasks to improve the documentation for people who want to install their own Wikibase instance.

The tasks should be:

  • Simple (you can split complex tasks in several tasks)
  • Clear (please add details, links, explain what's wrong or missing in the existing doc)
  • Ideally, feasible by a team in maximum 1 day

Links to Wikibase doc (feel free to add more):

Inspirations (nice doc from other projects):

  • ...

Event Timeline

For the usecase "install wikibase" we don’t necessarily shine:

  • Use a major search engine with "wikibase", go to
    • The page offers almost no description, looks like no one cares for it.
    • User needs: …to klick the link to
    • Possible task: Offer brief info, a screenshot and a easy to find link to (or just provide all there?)
  • Look at
    • There is no info for common usecases like "using the client as a user" or "install"
    • User needs to: …first choose if one wants client or repo
    • Possible task: provide info that leads to installation and/or use docs. I assume, you first need a repo. In this case it should be somewhat standard.
  • Look at more info on the repo
    • There is no info for common usecases like "using the client as a user" or "install"
    • …but at least a download link
    • User needs to: Klick the download link
    • Possible task: again, clearer info for usecases like install
  • Now I’m back to mediawiki?!
    • I get the git template which has many options, only some somewhat related to download
    • I should either select an branch or
    • checkout via git
    • Possible tasks: The git template could be improved or we provide a section without it


  • [Task] improve documentation of infrastructure – T99530
  • Actions to grow the diversity of our technical community – T148598

Hello! Just letting you know that you can schedule this session now for the hackathon. Instructions and scheduling can be done here:

I've put up an updated and enhanced version of on

As I see it and @Jan_Dittrich pointed out, the page serves as kind of an entry point when people are interested in Wikibase. So, it should give an overview of what Wikibase is as well as some basic information what you're able to with it. Additionally, people might be interested to set it up for their own wiki, so the page should provide a link to the installation guide.
@Jan_Dittrich @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE @Lydia_Pintscher feel free to review/change my version of the entry page - I'll replace the current version of the page with the new one closer to the end of the hackathon.

Next step for me: trying to come up with a basic step-by-step installation guide for setting up Wikibase Repository (T164465).

Can do minor improvements or is it already in translation?
One open question I still have is what the "current" version of Mediawiki and Wikidata is – the master? Any sort of "beta"? Or is it just called "current Version" everywhere?

@Jan_Dittrich You can. I'll mark for translation later during the day.

@Jan_Dittrich yes it's master. Changed the text a bit to clarify this,