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JsonConfig sets config models that aren't shown/selectable on Special:ChangeContentModel
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It was noticed with Dashiki, if you create a new page after the extension is deployed, you get a page_content_model of JsonConfig.Dashiki, great. But if you made any before, there's no way to actually to make them into the correct page_content_model without updating it in the DB

So JsonConfig should be registering them so that they appear in Special:ChangeContentModel, for selection and viewing when loading the current content model of a page

It seems it just depends on

	// Configure Dashiki sub-namespace with JsonConfig
	$wgJsonConfigs['JsonConfig.Dashiki'] = array(
		'pattern' => '/^Dashiki\:./',
		'isLocal' => true,

So, this is probably two fold... When a page is moved, and now matches that pattern, the contentmodel should be changed automatically, possibly? As well as allowing it to be actually be selected on Special:ChangeContentModel