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Set up federated system of Wikibase instances on Beta Commons and Beta Wikidata
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In order to have a near-production setup for testing federation-related code before deploying code to production, we would like to have Wikibase instances enabled on Commons-like and Wikidata-like wikis on Beta Cluster, and configured so they are federated, ie. Commons-like wiki provides MediaInfo entities, and accesses items and properties provided by the Wikidata-like wiki.

Some general steps on how to achieve this.

0. Make sure that all expected functionality of the WikibaseMediaInfo extension (as a "standalone" extension) is implemented and works as intended

  1. Add documentation needed for installing and enabling WikibaseMediaInfo extension (somewhat related would be also adding some content to
  2. Request security review for WikibaseMediaInfo extension, and have it reviewed
  3. Enable Wikibase and WikibaseMediaInfo on Commons-like wiki on Beta cluster (
  4. Configure Wikibase on Beta Commons so it accesses items and properties provided by Beta Wikibase.

Please add more specific tickets (as subtasks of this one) once they become relevant and somewhat defined, and keep this description up-to-date.