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Create project on Gerrit for dashboard codebase
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Dzahn added a subscriber: Dzahn.

Here is the place to request Gerrit projects / git repos, it's on-Wiki.

See the "Request" button at Step 4, specifically.

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@Dzahn: Thanks! Is there a standard way to connect Gerrit with the upstream Github repo? I assume that's how ORES works with ?

@Ragesoss I asked @Reedy and @Paladox and learned that you need to create the empty repo on github first but then the next time Gerrit does something it all gets pushed to github automatically.

Maybe leave this ticket open until the project actually exists?

Request added.

Recapping from irc (to the best of my understanding):

  • The plan will be to continue using GitHub as the main site for mainline development and code review.
  • Periodic manual updates on Gerrit to the latest version will be necessary before puppetized deployments to labs or production (once such deployment is ready to go).
  • Meanwhile, the status quo will continue to be as an unmanaged single instance (deployed manually via Capistrano, based on the wmflabs branch on GitHub).