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Consolidate or retire previously offered services/platforms
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Over the years several services were being offered by the WLM coordinating team - and a bunch of those are still live, but not necessarily well maintained. We should do an inventory what is still around, and what we want to keep around - and how. They are living in different chapters currently - perhaps we want to centralize that effort a bit.

An inventory:

  • A number of mailing lists running through WMNL (wlm-be, wlm-es, wlm-in, wlm-global-org, wlm-eu-jury ; more?).
  • Perhaps some national websites even?
  • Piwik instance covering and some old data from national domains (WMNL)
  • Several domain names ( , (WMDE), (WMNL), (WMAR)
  • Wiki Loves Monuments international wordpress blog (WMNL)
  • info-XX email addresses on domain (WMNL) that feed into OTRS queues (WMF) (may be disfunctional - see T145293)

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Removing Wiki-Loves-Monuments 2017 tag as that was three years ago; adding general Wiki-Loves-Monuments tag.

It is clearly not resolved. For example, is still online, despite having an error message saying it uses a Piwik version from 2012 !