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Central categories and alerts for central modules
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Does the community agree to implement central categories and alerts for central modules?

This enhances the efficiency of the detection and the correction of errors, in some ways:
*Central modules need only translations to install them for a new language. This needs people and time to translate and adapt translations to all new modules and their changes.
*Alerts can call Lua-coders from main wikis to debug errors detected in small wikis.
*Categories guide the helpers for solutions.
*Small wikis are poor in admins to configure mediawiki and its extentions, then the risk of errors is highter in small wikis.
*Some modules versions need sub-modules in specific versions which only aware specialists can install.
*Some languages or sub-languages could need adaptations that only specialists can solve.
*All these problems can apear at install time, but also in long term on new use cases.

What can do central modules?

Central modules are able to detect internal errors which could block the display of a page, like in development phase, BUT ALSO LATER.

Central modules can detect internal errors like these:
The text ... lacks of translation in Hungarian.
Missing i18n translation for the argument "gender".
The missing Module:version ... is replaced by the normal Module:...
Abnormal calling arguments in date...


When errors happen in small wikis, they could disturb pages or even crash them replacing whole the page during long times.

Who would benefit

All simple readers of wikis. Also all Lua-coders to repair problems.

Proposed solution

Central modules already detect errors and display them in errors messages and categories, see T135845 and the draft of fr.wikisource Central modules.
Create central categories and alerts for central modules.
Declare and activate categories and alerts each time a problem is detected by central modules.
For each problem, report datas: link to the involved page, error details...
Report in short in the category, with more datas in alerts, then with detailed datas in the page itself.
Report these in the local wiki and in the central repository T121470.
Report these in wiki, user and content languages.
These reports must enough suport Lua-coders to locate and repair the problem/s.

Where and when to use these categories and alerts?

For all pages with central modules, but perhaps also for mediawiki, extensions, bots...
Each time when we edit a module or a script or a template and then clic on "Show preview".

Event Timeline

Hi @Rical, thanks for taking the time to report this!
Unfortunately this report lacks some information. It's not clear if this is a bug report or an enhancement request, the task summary welcomes a verb to describe what the issue is with "Central categories and alerts for central modules", and the task welcomes an associated project.
If you have time and can still reproduce the problem, please add a more complete description to this report. Ideally, exact and clear steps to reproduce should allow any other person to follow these steps (without having to interpret those steps) and see the same results. Problems that others can reliably reproduce can get fixed faster. Thanks!

This is an enhancement, but I don't know which projects to associate.
I leave you to optimize the task description.

@Rical: I cannot optimize the task description as only you know what exactly you're requesting in this task.
Please split the task description into separate sections which actually describe 1) the current situation, 2) the current problem, and 3) the potential solution you're proposing.

Thanks. Does this task require to fix T135845 and/or T121470 first? Or is this task independent from those other tasks?

This task needs a discussion of the community to validate it or no. It enhance central modules efficiency.
This task seems to me independent of others parts of the central modules evolution.

@Rical edited the task description.
Central modules are able to detect internal errors which could block the display of a page, like in development phase but also later.

@Rical: I do not consider it a problem that central modules can detect internal errors. Do you?

A specific example for an "alert" and/or "internal error" would also be welcome.

I wonder if there is some relation to T71519 but it's unclear to me if "central modules" already exist, or do not exist but are wanted, or maybe something else.

So this task is still missing a description of a problem that you would like to see solved.

I started to work on central modules in 2013 and I asked to share this task on Jun 13 2016 with some other Lua-coders. For 2 years I am in sprint mode on this task. Unfortunately nobody began to take a part of this heavy task, even considering the gap of efficiency that central modules can give T135845 even without central repository. To mean this I say "central or centralisable".

To begin this share I already make a small Library:begin and I installed Module:central in wikis: br, de, fr, hu and vi.

I am well aware of T135845, however after a lot of comments in this task T159322 I still lack a description of a problem to solve in this task. I'm afraid nobody knows for sure what is being asked for in this task and how it relates to T135845. And that makes it hard for anyone to provide feedback or take part in this heavy task. See for example my unanswered question in T159322#3084483 which asks you for a problem description...