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Revision 65616 using content model Scribunto cannot be stored on "Moduł:Wykres" on this wiki, since that model is not supported on that page.
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When trying to import plmediawiki into PostgreSQL-run MW instance I get a warning:

Revision 65616 using content model Scribunto cannot be stored on "Moduł:Wykres" on this wiki, since that model is not supported on that page.

but the import continues. The reason is probably a different language code for the wiki.

Environment: importing into almost empty PostgreSQL MediaWiki 4d6439e343559944fb5e31c4f90760020ca4ce97

Import file: plwikimedia-20170220-pages-meta-current.xml.bz2

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If bad content handler is an issue, why T49270 is fatal and this is not?

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1leonkaden added a subscriber: 1leonkaden.EditedNov 1 2017, 6:27 AM

i got the same problem when i import none enlish wikipedia xml ( xml dump >1milion page or xml export few page)/
Problem is, in another language, module and template of mediawiki has been translated to another page name.
for example

.... Module:Taxxo on english Wiki now got Mô Đun:bảng phân loại on Vietnamese wiki.
Or Moduł:Wykres not Module:Wykres

This cause problem that we cant import xml ,that content Module Template that has been transltated, into mediawiki. Because Scribunto don't know what it is...

my question, and maybe solution fix for this problem is: How can we import a xml content Module has been translated to wiki, if Scribunto refuse to accepted it.
IS there any way that we can ignore Scribunto and then just import xml, which is content translated module, direct into Wiki ?

i've tried comment out Scribunto on localsetting.php, then import xml with DumpImport.php and Special:import but it can not be done.

Because this problem, many user, who try to import XML on a localhost mediawki or on some Wikipedia alternative cant not be done their job. Because without many template and module, we only got a wikipedia with 99% page error on infobox , note,

Since this happen, i think it because Scribunto, Because, I try to manual create module that can't be import by using create page then copy source code from wikipedia, it don't work... Scibunto dont active and view it as a module. My mediawiki and Scribunto view the page that i copy code only a page with text

Please looking a serious fixing for this problem. Please dont set this topic to a low Priority case.

Harej added a subscriber: Harej.

It sounds like you are missing the Scribunto extension.

Olht added a subscriber: Olht.Jan 31 2018, 10:14 PM

I received this message when trying to import modules from the Norwegian Wikipedia into my English MediaWiki site. The problem was solved by changing $wgLanguageCode = "en" to $wgLanguageCode ="nb" in Localsettings.php.