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Evaluate the differences of Recent Changes, Watchlist and User Contribution filters
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We want to analyse the particularities of three similar pages (Recent Changes, Watchlist and User Contributions), and identify the aspects we need to explore to provide a more consistent experience.

Recent ChangesWatchlistUser Contributions
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We are taking recent changes as a baseline and analysing what is different in the other cases:


  • Time period selector. It is also available in Recent Changes, but it uses a different control (a set of links vs. drop-down) and provides different options (14 days option is missing in Watchlist, 1-12 hour ranges are missing in Recent Changes). We may want to provide a unified control with the same set of options since it has a very similar purpose in both pages.
  • Visited indicator. A green bullet is used for marking pages not visited. We may want to think how this feature may intersect with the highlighting features that modify the item bullets too. Associated to this feature there is a legend and an action to mark all items as visited.
  • In my watchlist. The Watchlist page shows content included in the user watchlist, we may want to consider adding a similar filter to be able to restrict results in this way for other pages too.

User Contributions

  • Contributions by new accounts. It is possible to focus on contributions by new users. We need to determine whether the current filter aligns with the proposed "newcomers" filter.
  • Contributions by a specific user. You can specify any existing user to view their contributions.
  • Show latest revisions. This shows edits that are the most recent modification to a page (indicated as "current" in the list of results). We may need to create a filter that allows to display those edits.
  • Edits needing review. We need to determine if our "unpatrolled" filter is aligned with this option.
  • Time period selector. In this case the time selector allows for users to input a specific year and month to view contributions from that point in time and earlier.
  • Pagination options Recent Changes allow only to select the number of results to show.User Contributions allows to select the number of results ( including the 20 results option), navigating through the different pages and setting the sorting order.

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