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Provide all URL parameters for all RSS/Atom feeds consistently
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

For [[Special:NewPages]] there are the parameters &namespace=0 and &username=JohnDoe, and they also do work for the web feeds (RSS/Atom) and are even inherited! Furthermore parameters like &limit=10 also do work there, but are not taken over in the links, sadly. Other parameters like &hideliu=1 seem to do not work at all there (on enwiki, on dewiki &hideliu=1 works for the special page and even for RSS).

For the feeds of [[Special:RecentChanges]] and [[Special:RecentChangesLinked]] &limit=1 works, the most other parameters like &namespace=4 or &hideliu=1 do not. The URL is not inherited at all (always just ^...&feed=rss$).

For revision history pages' feeds even &limit=1 does not work.


  1. Provide all parameters for all web feeds!
  2. If a parameter is found in the URL, let the feed links contain it, too!

At the moment it is as inconsistent and cumbersomely as just can be; not very helpful.

Especially for web feed notification - see also bug 5220#c21 - the availability and adoption (URL-to-link) of all those parameters are essential!

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Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

*** Bug 16883 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

For all three pages mentioned above on en.wp, passing the URL parameter ?namespace=1 set the dropdown correctly for me (Firefox 31).

There are several different items mixed in this bug report, which ones are still an issue nowadays?

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