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Create demo page on the testwiki
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Create demo page on the testwiki to show where we are at regarding the player.

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Demo page can be found at: It contains shorter paragraphs and some elements that are purposefully not sent to the TTS server (image, TOC, edit links).

Most of the text is synthesized as expected. There are a few obvious mispronunciations, but that's to be expected when everything is in place as well.

As for highlighting, there is one thing that is very noticeable, namely that section titles are not their own utterances, causing them to be highlighted with the first sentence. This is probably not what it should look like, but is on our radar: T149091: Segment by tags.

@Jopparn and @Lokal_Profil, please take a look at and try listening to the page.

Great! Thank you. As we talked about, please create a simple demo page for Swedish as well.

Short demo page for Swedish created. Both pages are linked from main page.