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Show decriptions in other languages when editing the description in the app
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User story

As a user who speaks multiple languages, I want to be able to see wikidata descriptions that exist in different languages I read when adding/editing a title description, so that I can more easily contribute to that description.

Proposed solution

  1. Add an action to show other languages in the edit screen:

  1. Upon tapping on the Other languages, show the title description in other languages, re-utilizing the familiar pattern as when the change language icon is tapped on an article:

Pre-requisite - Note this feature is for:
a. Users who have set multiple languages in the Android app
b. Showing Wikidata descriptions in other languages that the user has set in the app.
This is because we do not want to introduce unnecessary noise and clutter when, for example, a monolingual user is shown a series of descriptions other languages they do not comprehend.

Original task description

The current description editing screen has nothing but the editing box. It would be helpful to show the user existing descriptions in other languages. The desktop already does this according to the languages defined in the Babel box on the user page. Another source for relevant languages is the device's language settings.