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old revision length missing in /v2/stream/recentchange
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From Jon:

I was looking at migrating over to the new stream but it seems EventStreams does not surface the change in bytes made by a revision.
This is quite crucial to my tool and blocks me from moving over to the new service.

Previously this was surfaced like so:
length: { new: 2, old: 1 },
where new is the new length of the page in bytes and old is the old length in bytes.

I looked too, and I see { new: 123234, old: null }, but old is always null. Not sure why, but I assume the eventbus extension somehow isn't filling this in properly, even though it uses the same code the RCStream does.

Event Timeline

Em. That's weird. When I go to I see proper value in "old" property. I only see "old":null for pages that's just been created, which is understandable.

Maybe there was some burst of new page creation by some bot when you were looking at it?

Ah! haha, no, I had an old grep in my CLI history that was grep -v edit (negation)! DOH!

@Jdlrobson it looks fine to me, can you confirm you don't see them? How are you subscribing to the stream?

Confirmed. I think I was looking at some non-edit events. Thanks for the follow up.