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[Story] datatype to link to tabular data sets on Commons
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We have a datatype now to link to the maps in the data namespace on Commons. We also need one to link to the tabular data sets in the same namespace.


As a user I want to be able to add statements on Wikidata that link to data sets on Wikimedia Commons so I can find data related to the concept.

Example Use

Item: Berlin
population data: "link to data set with detailed population data on Commons

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I made two patches that when we merge them, we would have the data type. They are rather big but almost all of them are copy-paste (with some modifications) from geo-shape datatype.

It works in my localhost:

pasted_file (232×1 px, 26 KB)

Change 348252 merged by jenkins-bot:
[data-values/value-view@master] Add TabularData datatype

Change 348250 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Add "tabular-data" data type

Ladsgroup moved this task from Review to Done on the Wikidata-Former-Sprint-Board board.
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It's implemented but not yet deployed (it's deployed but disabled for now). Because of the user interface policy we need to announce it, then wait for two weeks and then enable it in wikidata. So it'll happen in three weeks (at the most)

Is the validation done in the same way as for geo-shape? I.e T57549#3142843 but with .map replaced by .tab?

Yes, It also validates if the page exists in Wikimedia Commons