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Query string should override page preload in #formlink
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It can be very useful if a form is preloaded with the entire content of a page, except for some fields. This could be done with a #formlink in which both the preload parameter is used and separate query string parameters.

An example of this is it is: {{#formlink:form=Order |link text=Make copy | preload={{PAGENAME}} | Order[Customer]= |Order[Name]= |Order[Order number]= }}.
This would take you to the Order form, preload all fields with those from the current order except for the Customer, Name and Order number field that remained empty. The order number could get the default value as defined in the form and the name and customer can be entered for the new order.

In Page Forms 4.1 the preload of the whole page works fine but the other parameters have no effect.

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First of all, Hi. I am new to wikimedia. So please forbid any mistakes I do. Although I would like to know where I went wrong nonetheless.
As I interpret, you want a form to be preloaded with values.
I found this:
In this page under Prealoading data heading, several methods are defined for preloading of data.
If this does not help, I would like a little more explicitly defined problem.