API-request for query of unpatrolled changes
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Author: laaknor-wmfbugzilla

I've been trying to write a javascript hook for displaying recent changes that has not been patrolled. The way I do this is dirty, as I get the recent changes with rcprop=patrolled, and then don't display it if it is patrolled. This has the drawback that if I limit it with rclimit, I might get no results displayed in my search, or I would query more than I need and just display some of the results.

What I really would like is rcshow=patrolled and rcshow=!patrolled, or (I'm not really familiar with the mediawiki-coding, of what would be most efficient) some other way of actually searching for unpatrolled recent changes.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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Will do.

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Fixed in r34394

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