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Add interstitial to wikidata-externalid-url
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An interstitial is required when redirecting to non-Wikimedia property as the privacy policy changes. Currently, The Godfather (Q47703) links to wikidata-externalid-url which redirects to IMDb.

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@Dispenser wikidata-externalid-url is installed on tool-labs which fully preserves user privacy, I'm not sure what your concern is? Please clarify where you think any policy has been violated.

"People follow a link to the Tool Labs, which has the WMF privacy policy, and they end up quietly disclosing their IPs in violation of that policy. You can redirect users to [another server], but you gotta warn them first." @coren 03 July 2014

@Dispenser, ok the issue is that people clicking an "external id" link are going to an external site? Is there any situation in which it is not obvious this is going to an external website? Every wikidata item with "external id" values has links directly to third party sites, without any interstitial or warning other than that it is external. I don't see the harm or potential for anybody's expectations of privacy to be violated.

specifically, looking at The Godfather, which you mention here, there are close to 3 dozen OTHER external id links that similarly would show user IP information if followed.

@ArthurPSmith I didn't make the rule, just making sure its enforced.

  1. The status bubble in Chromium says "" this varies with browser width. There might be a browser that only displays the domain. A users would know this domain as WMF property and subject to its privacy policy.
  2. English is not universal. Even so Wikidata ExternalId URL could reasonably be the name of a tool describing information at the URL.
  3. Reusers shouldn't need to special case their interstitial for your tool.

Hmm, I think the big issue may be point 3. Do you have an example where this might have come up? I could certainly make it an interstitial easily enough, but that makes these links a bit less convenient for people (extra click); if the links are being included with or without a warning elsewhere based on the wmflabs URL then I can see how it may be important to address this somehow. Also is there boilerplate text we should use if we really do need to put this in?

(claiming task - if this really needs to be done I can certainly take care of it)

Hmm, Ok, I read through the discussion you linked with @coren - I certainly see there can be a privacy violation regarding expectations in cases as were discussed there. I think this is a quite different case though (for example, the links are exclusively to third-party sites, not anything I or any other WMF person controls) and would like to hear directly from somebody with WMF (and some voices from wikidata) on this. If there is a clearly posted policy somewhere that would be great too. The policy linked by @coren focused on the Labs user collecting personal information, which is not at all happening here, and said nothing specifically about redirects per se.

The problem with *me* adding an interstitial is it's going to be in English and it's going to be specific to this linking tool - what would be better would be to have some way to return the correctly resolved URL to the re-user in the first place, or to have the re-user apply its own interstitial. The first would I think require either some reworking of wikidata external ID handling, or an API version of the service (but re-users would still need to know to call the API!?). The second - well maybe links to wmflabs shouldn't be trusted to preserve privacy from general WMF clients? Or a specific carve-out for these URL's of course.

I was thinking something like Internet in a Box / XSCE School Server project where for "protect the children" an interstitial is necessary. I don't know if its legally required anywhere. And considering they're still on the "Get teachers using this" I doubt its on their radar.

Eventually, this will be replaced by MediaWiki functionality. I suppose we could work without this tool in the meantime.

@Esc3300 well, I developed this tool because links for IMDB and a handful of other properties were broken when we made the change from string to "external identifier" last year, where the wikidata UI started putting the links in directly (previously it had been done by a javascript gadget - which meant the links wouldn't be available to re-users either). So "work without this tool" would break a lot of stuff in wikidata and for everybody using it.

Reviewing File:WikipediaZeroPartnerOverview-1-2-5.pdf I see Wikipedia Zero uses an interstitial when leaving the zero-rated service. Tool Labs IP addresses seems to be outside the zero-rated range and hopefully its not a problem.

Wow, was that really almost 3 years ago. There doesn't seem to really be a need for this, so I'm closing the request as declined.