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[Story] RDF for Lexemes, Forms and Senses
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As a user I want to be able to query the lexicographical data in Wikidata and work with it in other RDF-based tools.

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It seems to me that the only thing missing in the implementation compared to is the addition of schema:inLanguage for Lexemes. But it is derived data so it should not block the deployment to

According to a lexeme should be "a wikibase:Lexeme " as well as "a ontolex:LexicalEntry", but in the query service I can only find things via the latter relation. Similarly for forms and "wikibase:Form". Something left out of the dump?

@ArthurPSmith this is intentional:

Wikidata Query Service does not provide the following features:

* The wikibase:Lexeme, wikibase:Form and wikibase:Sense classes.
* The rdfs:label relations (more specific equivalents exists for lexemes, forms and senses).
* Just as for items and properties, the data node is integrated within the wd: node.

This works nicely now. I wonder if there is a cache/delete issue. Sometimes are see results that no longer exists in Wikidata, perhaps because the statement has been changed.

  ?sense ?senseLabel
   wd:L2373 ontolex:sense ?sense .
   ?sense skos:definition ?senseLabel .
 GROUP BY ?sense ?senseLabel
 ORDER BY (STR(?sense))

I see two rows with wd:L2373-S2.

@Lydia_Pintscher Do you think we could close this task? All basic features seems done and deployed on wdqs.

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