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Differentiate between interwiki and interlang links in siprop=interwikimap
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Author: herd

If possible, please add an indicator for interlanguage links (links that form a portlet link rather than an inline link, if not on a talk page) in the interwiki map, for example

<iw prefix="aa" lang="" local="" url="$1" />

I am told this happens auto-magically from the list of valid languages in /languages/Names.php (also depending on some settings), so possibly might need to compare the interwiki map entries to $wgLanguageNames and $wgExtraLanguageNames

Reason: It is not possible to *completely* predict, from siprop=interwikimap, whether a given interwiki prefix will become an inline link or language link, as some wikis may have older/newer versions of Names.php, or custom language names.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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Fixed in r34499. The output looks like:

<iw prefix="de" local="" language="Deutsch" url="$1" />