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Translate extension integrated with PageForm
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The process for translate a page created with PageForm template is quite complicated, and do not use the forms template. we should improve it :

automatically add <translate> tags :

  • When defining a PageForms property, whe should be able to mark it as translatable
  • when a user mark a page as ready for translate, all translatable fields values should be wrapped into <translate> tag

improve translation interface :

  • translators should be able to use a form template like the pageForm templates , in order the see the text to translate within the global view of the page

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Pyro853 created this task.Mar 13 2017, 2:35 PM
Nemo_bis added a subscriber: Nemo_bis.

Extensions can register message groups for Translate (CentralNotice does so), but that might be the way to go or not.

Hi Friends, we have applied for a Grant for this project (see here)

If you think this project should be selected for a Project Grant. Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project. Other constructive feedback is welcome on the discussion page.

I just went to add my name to the "endorse" section (sorry for the long delay), but I see that it was marked "ineligible" a few weeks ago:

That's too bad. But getting this accomplished may not require funding - or at least, not as much as you asked for. This may be easier to do directly within Page Forms, rather than via a new extension, as you had planned. More information may be helpful here. You said that you want fields to be definable as "translateable". What exactly does that mean, in terms of the syntax? And which field types would this cover - just "textarea" and "text"?

Yes, endeed, it was marked "ineligible", because no wikimedia projects is using pageForm ... :/

But we will work on it even if we don't ge the funding (maybe a simpler version as suggested)

To define a field "translatable", we could use this syntax for exemple :
{{{field|description|input type=textarea|translatable}}}

For the user who is using page form te edit a content, i will see no difference, but when the page will be marked "ready to be translated", then the pageForm extension should add the wikimedia "<translate>" tags around the field value (this will not be visible for the end-user)
This simple feature could make a first step very valuable, and translators could then use the standard wikimedia translate interface.