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Tables do not appear in PDF
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When I clicked, "Download as PDF", the resulting PDF did not include tables. I tested [[List of Presidents of the United States]], [[v:Effective defense]], and [[v:Winning the War on Terror]].

When I tried the German language [[:de:Liste der Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten]], the corresponding "Als PDF herunterladen" allowed users to select "one column with tables and infoboxes" and "two columns without tables and infoboxes".

The tables also failed to appear when I clicked "Make a book" from either the English or German Wikipedia article on "List of Presidents of the United States".

A SIMPLE FIX: It looks like this problem could be easily fixed for all languages by making one column the default when creating PDF or a book and only allowing the two-column version by request -- and displaying more prominently the two-column warning "Without tables and Infobox".

I'm guessing your book creation feature would be used more if this were fixed.

Thanks, ~~~~

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Hi @DavidMCEddy, thanks for taking the time to report this!
This particular problem has already been reported into our bug tracking system as T135643, but please feel free to report any further issues you find. Further handling of the reported issue happens in T135643.