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Investigate global usergroup "Cabal" (which was created as a joke/test when global user rights got installed)
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Literally. . GU table does not have records for that 99th user, while GUG has and interesting ones.

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What do you want to investigate? It was presumably created as a joke to exploit a CentralAuth bug.

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Some history here. The cabal usergroup was created as a joke/test when
global user rights got instaled. It had just read permissions. IIRC
Pathoschild, Magister_Mathematicae and myself where holders of that group.
It probably remains set on that account because the global group was
deleted but its members were not removed from it first, so it remains there
in a shadow way.

It happens the same when local groups are removed but its members ain't
removed first.

Someone with SQL access could just delete the user from that group as I've
asked for other local groups, or I could recreate it, remove the user from
that global group and re-delete the group again.

A query on Special:GolbalUsers would output the username still in that
group IMHO.

Oh, and since global groups back then where not migrated, because there was
not global rename... I think this is either my former username or MM's
former username; as I don't recall any other steward renames when the group
existed. Curiously the user still has steward rights?

You can query "MarcoAurelio (test)" that I added yesterday to the 'test'
global group and forgot to remove if from it before deleting the global
group. If that account keeps flagged as such, then you have the answer :)

Aklapper renamed this task from Investigate global usergroup Cabal to Investigate global usergroup "Cabal" (which was created as a joke/test when global user rights got installed).Apr 29 2017, 1:24 PM

I guess this counts as "investigation"? :P
What's left / wanted in this task? Decline? Or remove that usergroup? Or something else?

I guess this does count as an investigation :), but it is worth to check the thing Marco mentioned, I actually think that group was still there on the acc. If groups remain on the accounts after they are deleted it looks like a problem to be solved worth a separate task (it makes sense for deletion of a group to trigger removing all the people from it). And yeah, another one is to clean the db off such records already present. This task after or even before that might be considered resolved probably, imho.

Global user #99 was me, until I accidentally deleted my global account. I'd love to get that ID back, if you want to fix it that way. ;)

Maybe we can either delete global account 99 if it no longer exists or manually, SQL, remove those groups from that global account.

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