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Import new kibana and logstash .debs to wikimedia experimental repository
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For the upcoming upgrade of the ELK cluster we will need these debs available. They will initially be in the experimental repository, while testing is ongoing with vagrant and beta cluster. Once everything looks good to go they will be promoted to the primary repository and removed from experimental:

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@Gehel could you push these into experimental for me? Will be trying to get these new versions up on beta cluster with a cherry-picked puppet patch later this week, or early next week.

@EBernhardson any reason to use kibana 5.1.2 and not the latest 5.2.2?

logstash=1:5.2.2-1 uploaded to jessi-wikimedia / experimental, waiting for confirmation on version to upload kibana

for reference kibana is lockstepped with elasticsearch minor versions. Since we deployed elasticsaerch 5.1.2, we have to use a 5.1.x of kibana.

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