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Create a Template editor user group at ne.wikipedia
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Hello ! Here is community consensus, Please create a Template editor user group at Nepali Wikipedia (ne.wikipedia). Thanks for your consideration.

Information :

  1. Add/remove by admins
  2. Edit-protected rights only

Event Timeline

It is well consolidated doctrine from ours that editinterface permissions are only to be granted to different groups than sysops when a large community consensus and a need for them is shown. None of that concurrs on mai.wikipedia. See our current (incomplete) list of limits to configuration changes.

The vote you link is from the past year, in which some users now blocked (also globally) as sockpuppets and vandals have participated (cf. JuniorX2 & SeniorStar). Other voters have rather low edit counts which makes me think they were asked to vote. This invalidates the result of the poll, and determines the need to start a fresh and fair one.

The level of edits of maiwiki discourages further granularization of protect permissions. There's no need to further hierarchize protection permissions as there's no serious reasons to do so other than "we want to have it". Restrictions to the core freedom value of the Foundation should be based on specific concerns, none of which are present here.

So: an old and invalid vote plus a lack of a need for this means that this request is to be declined.