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Power search form missing <label> for redirects check
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The power search form on [[Special:Search]] has a "List redirects" checkbox, which has no attached <label> on its label text. This means clicking the label doesn't activate the checkbox, unlike the giant pile of namespace checkboxes right next to it.

This is due to [[MediaWiki:Powersearchtext]] being godawful and tossing label text in the middle of layout and such.

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The solution is straightforward: "List redirects" should be moved to a new message, then used inside [[MediaWiki:Powersearchtext]] (as a parameter). Then the lable can be added easily from inside SpecialSearch.php so, except for the moving, the rest takes only a minute.

I'm CCing Siebrand, because I think he is the best person who can deal with the message moving part.

Not going to mess with code. If someone fixes it, I'll take care of moving messages around for localisations...

I fixed the code and MessagesEn.php by r34661. The localization part is waiting for you :) I'm marking the bug as fixed.

Further cleanup in r34751 -- layout and localization are now cleanly separated.