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Arguments get mixed up on multiple calls to the same template in the same section
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I recently translated World War II from en to ro. The aggregated unprocessed output of the ContentTranslationt tool is here. Besides the fact that pulling through to the end required to publish a draft every time, because entire translated paragraphs were being lost, another issue came to light after cleanup: the original article made heavy use of the Sfn template for footnotes, a template which exists in the target language as well, identical to the one in English. In the end, arguments from one call to another were being mixed up and added to one another. Thus, for instance, a call to {{Sfn|Zaloga|2002|pp=80, 83}} followed by {{sfn|Hempel|2005|p=24}}, {{sfn|Zaloga|2002|pp=88–9}}, {{sfn|Budiansky|2001|pp=120–1}},{{sfn|Liddell Hart|1977|pp=39–40}} and {{sfn|Bullock|1990|loc=pp. 563–4, 566, 568–9, 574–5 (1983 ed.)}} in the original yielded {{Sfn|Zaloga|2002|p=24|pp=80, 83}}, {{Sfn|Hempel|2005|p=24|pp=88–9}}, {{Sfn|Zaloga|2002|pp=88–9}}, {{Sfn|Budiansky|2001|loc=pp. 563–4, 566, 568–9, 574–5 (1983 ed.)|pp=120–1}}, {{Sfn|Liddell Hart|1977|loc=pp. 563–4, 566, 568–9, 574–5 (1983 ed.)|p=12|pp=39–40}} and {{Sfn|Bullock|1990|2001|loc=pp. 563–4, 566, 568–9, 574–5 (1983 ed.)|pp=55–6}} in the translated text.