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Add more ops to Team Practices IRC channel
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It seems that @Awjrichards is currently the only op in the wikimedia-teampractices IRC channel. There should be others. I'm not sure who (if anyone) else on TPG is comfortable enough with IRC to take on that responsibility. Looking outside TPG, @Quiddity has volunteered.

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JAufrecht triaged this task as Medium priority.
JAufrecht moved this task from To Triage to This-Week on the Team-Practices board.

I added a topic to the TPG staff mtg agenda for today - if we come up with a list of who should be OPd, I'm happy to make it happen :)

Agreed during our staff meeting that @JAufrecht @MBinder_WMF and @Quiddity should be added as ops for the channel (adding @Quiddity so we have a non-TPGer avaialble in the event we're all otherwise unable to do OPsy things). I'll make the changes later today or tomorrow; Nick if you'd rather not be OP'd just lemme know :)