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"Save change" indicates non-redoable save, but enables preview to check changes.
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Story: As an editor, I want to be sure that an action does not harm. Thus, if I edit wikitext, I want to check the preview before I save.

Problem: One needs to click "Save Changes" to get a pop-up window with the possibility to get a preview option. But if an editor is unsure about the change, or editing something sensitive, they may be reluctant to click "Save Changes" in the first place, since saving is a non-redoable action.

Possible solutions

  • Provide a separate "preview" button
  • Indicate that the save does not happen directly after clicking. In desktop application menus e.g. there is a … behind entries that don't do changes directly, but call up a dialog before. Also the wording may be changed.

Event Timeline

This is currently in progress. The discussed solution will look like "Proceed to save" (or some similar text, maybe "Ready to save", but you can help with your suggestion too) in that button and wrapped menu with directly accessible preview option next to the button