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Short notation links to subpages don't work in edit summaries
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Author: wikimedia

If on [[Talk:Foo]] I create a link to /Bar, the link leads to [[Talk:Foo/Bar]]. If I put the same wikisyntax in an edit summary, the same is not true. I suggest to aid intuition that it is. The target page should probably be permanently subst'ed like the pipe trick, so that if the page is moved and the subpage is not, or vice versa, the link does not break.

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urkle wrote:

Patch to fix and allow extended behavior of subpage linkes

I've attached a patch that fixes the implementation of subPageSubtitle so that it will not abruptly end if there are "missing" pages in the middle of a sub page hierarchy.

Also it adds a new config variable of $wgShowNonExistingSubPages which defaults to false. when set to true the non-existing subpages will be displayed.

attachment mediawiki-subpages.diff ignored as obsolete

This patch seems to belong to a different bug?

urkle wrote:

Comment on attachment 4960
Patch to fix and allow extended behavior of subpage linkes

Ooops.. I was sure I submitted this on bug #6833

  • Bug 6252 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Done in r53514... Moved Parser::maybeDoSubpage guts to Linker to call from both locations.

Added some parser test cases. Note that this might not behave exactly like the main parser in cases where the link text would get altered, but the links are functional. Yay!