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Instances in math project show high system CPU usage
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Found a few instances in the math labs project that have high CPU. Most probably a process is faulty and needs a restart.


  • drmf
  • hadoop000
  • math-de
  • math-ru


math_high_CPU.png (751×706 px, 114 KB)

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@Hcohl we need to take care of updating the drmf server. I suggest to rename drmf-beta to drmf and to start a new drmf-beta instance. What do you think?

I need to check to make sure that beta is in a perfect final state before I give my permission. I will try and do the evaluation this week.

Can one of you possibly check the drmf instance at least? It had super high system CPU for months: There must be a process that needs to be restarted/killed.

hashar claimed this task.

That has been fixed around June 21th when all labvirt / instances have been rebooted.