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WikiProject Genealogy / Wikimedia Genealogy User Group mail list
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I hereby would like to kindly request for the creation of a new maillist, with the name:

Purpose will be communication in regard to the enwiki, and meta global Genealogy project, as well as future administration of what comes out of the project.

Presentation of the project and list of supporters:

Discussion voting and consensus reg a mail list for the project:

initial list administrator's email address:

secondary list administrator's email address (as a backup): and

Event Timeline

This is probably the most important tool right now, in order to get our project further developed. Thanks in Advance.

Samwilson moved this task from Backlog to List creation on the Wikimedia-Mailing-lists board.

Thanks Dan!

I think this'll be assigned to whoever creates the list, so I've removed you.

You have successfully created the mailing list wikimedia-genealogy and notification has been sent to the list owner You can now:

Visit the list's info page
Visit the list's admin page

Hi @Dan_Koehl,

see above, the list has been created as requested.

Mailman should have sent you an automatic mail with a random password that you can use to login on the list admin page.

I have left all settings at default values except i added the 2 other admins and set the "description" field to "Discussion about the Wikimedia genealogy project.".

Please login and look at the rest of the settings. Your public archives will be at

Please note that the other 2 admins (and myself) don't know the password yet since it was generated before i could add them. Please share it with them. You can use the existing one or reset it again. There is only one admin password per list, so admins need to keep it in sync if one of you changes it.

You can also change a lot of other things, for example the HTML of your list info page.