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Get statistics for se-ship migration
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Get some basic statistics for the se-ship Wikidata migration.


Listed historical ships on Wikidata

  • 124 items edited [1]
  • 1633648 bytes (~ 1.63 MB) added or removed [1]
  • 10 items created [2]
  • 1184 claims sourced by WLM database [3]
  • 59 claims that could not be added automatically. Some ship types and also shipyards that were not wikilinked, eg. Östhammars båtvarv<br>[[Östhammar]].

[1] quarry:17470
[2] quarry:17469
[3] ...

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Are the quarry links correct? Seem to go to other queries

They _were_ correct. Not sure what happened...

Ok, so they work now. I still have no idea why the wrong URLs were there :/

I've aimed that quarry ids are permanent even for non published queries. Possibly that is not true