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CX2: Support adaption of {{coord}} template
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In CX1 there were problems adapting "coord" templates. Adaption of template like,


is mostly messed up in CX1 and gives result like,

<span id="coordinates">[[અક્ષાંશ-રેખાંશ]]: <span class="plainlinks nourlexpansion">[// <span class="geo-nondefault"><span class="geo-dms" title="इस जगह के लिए मानचित्र, हवाई छायाचित्र एवं अन्य आँकड़े"><span class="latitude">13°00′45″N</span> <span class="longitude">80°16′33″E</span></span></span><span class="geo-multi-punct">&#xFEFF; / &#xFEFF;</span><span class="geo-default"><span class="geo-dec" title="इस जगह के लिए मानचित्र, हवाई छायाचित्र एवं अन्य आँकड़े">13.0125°N 80.2759°E</span><span style="display:none">&#xFEFF; / <span class="geo">13.0125; 80.2759</span></span></span>]</span></span>{{coord|13.0125|80.2759|display=title}}

Example of above case:

We want to make sure those issues don't happen in CX2, and these templates can be adapted properly.

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I'd propose to focus on checking whether coordinate templates work on CX2 (and fix them there if they don't). So I'll adjust the title of the task accordingly.

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@KartikMistry, can you check if this is an issue for CX2 now that coordinate support was improved in T203243?