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Embedding the Query Service in Medium
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There was a discussion on Twitter where people try to embed a query service visualization in the fancy blog platform Medium.

Apparently, it's not possible, because the website has to be in the[[ | list of supported providers ]]. Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are already there. It would be amazing if Wikidata and the query service could be included, too.

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Is there anything we need to change on our side or just sign us up?

Embedly needs a way to extract the Embed. Here are the choices:
An oEmbed API
Twitter Cards

Looks like we have to implement the oEmbed API which might be useful for other use cases. No idea how difficult that is.

@johl : can you describe a bit more the steps that would be to do? I'd like to add the ticket as need-volunteer but we should clarify it first.

It seems that we cannot provide the service needed by


  • Twitter Cards

A third alternative could be this:

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