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Make a list of wikis that will probably want to have <references responsive /> enabled by default
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Some wikis are too small or too disconnected from the large hubs of tech-savvy volunteers to be likely to request this feature, even though they are likely to benefit from it (or at least not be harmed by it).

We should make a list that includes:

  • Wikipedias that don't use {{reflist}} templates -
  • Wiktionaries, Wikiquotes, Wikivoyages, which don't use many refs
  • backstage/fishbowl wikis
  • Commons, MediaWiki, Meta, Wikidata, and Wikispecies, which probably don't use as many refs per page
  • maybe the Wikinewses?

but probably not:

  • all Wikisources
  • some Wikibooks and Wikiversities, which might use {{reflist}} templates
  • any individual wikis that use {{reflist}} templates heavily

Event Timeline

The Wiktionaries, Wikiquotes, and Wikivoyages are done.

Most of the other lists are likely to be more complicated to create (on for this wiki, off for that one).

Is an opt-out scenario an option? Send an announcement to all those wikis giving them a chance to opt out. Wait. Proceed accordingly.

Yes, opt-out is absolutely acceptable. They just need to tell me (or James F), ideally before the config change is made. (It's 100% reversible, but it's better to get it right the first time.)

The problems with "just do it":

  1. We don't have a comprehensive list of all those wikis, so we can't send a MassMessage. The over-used "big list" on Meta is only about three-quarters of the wikis.
  2. I'd have to re-check hundreds of discussions manually, so it's easier (for me) to make the changes in small batches.
  3. When the "right" answer is tolerably obvious, I'd rather suggest the right answer, especially for wikis without an active community (i.e., nobody around to object if we break everything).
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A reminder that this is on the "Ready to Go" column: maybe you can already evaluate whether it's something for next quarter instead. I don't remember the status anymore. Thank you!

I don't expect to make any progress on this any time soon. However, if anyone wants to do this and has questions, please feel free to leave a message for me at

cswiki is currently deciding and from the main Village Pump it seems we will request this soon

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