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Page Previews customization options
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A few comments on the Talk page for Page Previews (Hovercards as it is known in beta) have suggested user-customizable options for the display of the previews.

  • Allow users to adjust the length of text presented in a preview (discussion)
  • Allow users to omit images from appearing T148995
    • Another suggestion is allowing users to define the size of the image
  • Show metadata in previews (discussion)

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If we want to pursue any of these options we should create subtasks and use this as a tracking (unless another task already exists). This is my attempt to get something written down for further discussion.

Jdlrobson added a subscriber: Jdlrobson.

Thanks for bubbling up this feedback @CKoerner_WMF

Team: FWIW Any user preferences greatly increase the complexity of the software and should be avoided where possible. Personally, I think it's an anti-pattern that we have so many user preferences/customisations which make it really difficult to provide performant experiences for logged in users).

I've marked this as an epic, as we should talk about this and flesh out the details.