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process-control will need to run some jobs sequentially
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For example, an audit fetch is immediately followed by audit parse, as long as the fetch was successful.

Let's consider doing this at the application level rather than in process-control?

Chained jobs

Amazon nightly audit download -> Amazon nightly audit parser
AstroPay nightly audit download -> AstroPay nightly audit parser
Fundraiser Public Data Export -> Samarium Data Mover
GlobalCollect audit file download -> Globalcollect WR1 Log Audit
PayPal nightly audit download -> PayPal nightly audit parser
Donations queue consume -> Thank you mail send (shouldn't do this)
Silverpop emails - Build export files -> Silverpop emails - Upload files

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Change 345429 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
[wikimedia/fundraising/process-control@master] Run commands in sequence

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[wikimedia/fundraising/process-control@master] Run commands in sequence

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I realize now that my solution was too naive. Specifically, staggering the queue consumer and thank-you jobs using the cheesy consume_and_thank parent job paradigm prevents reentry of the entire chain, when it should only lock sub-jobs. In other words, we prevent the next queue consumer from running if the previous thank-you job is still going, when we should let them overlap instead.

One simple fix might be to introduce a new property "reentrant: true" on the parent job, but continue to lock the sub-jobs to prevent two consumers or two thank-you mailers.

With consume/thank you, I think it's actually good to have each block the other, since they compete for the same tables. We just need the thank you job to have a time limit (T163412) so the total time never exceeds the duty cycle of 2 minutes.

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