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Pivot "MediaWiki history" data lake: Feature request for "Event Users"
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In this query I can either pick "Peer Created Event Users" or "Anonymous Event Users", but I can't split by "Event User type" and so graph the two values combined or side by side.

Of course, on the Totals page I can see the two values, but only in aggregate over the time period. Would it be possible to provide "Event users" as a measure?

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Nuria added a comment.Mar 27 2017, 3:47 PM

Sorry, this is a bit cryptical can you explain a little more what you mean?

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Hi @Jdforrester-WMF ,
I don't understand your request.
If you look at Event Entity: revision and Event Type: Create, you can get all events (meaning, by any user type in the context of user splitting, but more generally, all events), using the events measure.
Is that what you're after?

I believe James wants to get the number of distinct users who created a revision during the time span. Right now, you can see the number of distinct anonymous users or the number of distinct peer-created event users (which is something I don't think we would ever use). But you can't get the total number of users.

I think there is another confusion then: anonymous doesn't provide a distinct metric - It only provides a filter metric. So when you use the anonymous metric, it's the same as filtering by user_is_anonymous.

Ah, I see. In that case, I think the underlying request here is to provide distinct user counts in addition to event counts. In editing, we tend to use user counts (like active editors) more often, because it compensates for the wide variability in the value of an edit (for example, 1 2-second fix to whitespace formatting counts the same as a major, well-researched expansion of an article).

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Nuria added a comment.EditedJul 13 2017, 4:17 PM

@Neil_P._Quinn_WMF Sorry, it is still not clear what does "distinct user counts" mean?

Could you explain a bit more your request with an example, perhaps?

BTW, "active editors " is a metric computed on a time slot, we will provide that on our next iteration.

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