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"Do you want to leave this page?" dialog after saving edit and introducing new URL in browser
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This bug comes from time to time and I finally took a screenshot to report it. Pity that for some reason the screenshot was cut, but serves as proof anyway.

I am not sure how to replicate this. The sequence of steps is the same, but as far as I am aware it doesn't happen always.

  1. Edit a page (I was editing with VisualEditor-MediaWiki-2017WikitextEditor and this is why I am adding the tag just in case).
  2. Save changes normally. Check that you are in a "read" mode again.
  3. Introduce another URL in the browser, press Enter.

The dialog appears.

This happened with Chromium Version 55.0.2883.75 built on Debian stretch/sid, running on Debian 9.0 (64-bit). The diff, just in case it is useful.

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I think this is the same as T153346, but that was deployed on 14 March (so a week before your bug report) – has it happened to you since then? If not, I'll merge them as duplicates (and write it up to caching issues), if not we've got another one to hunt down. :-(

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Yes, keeps happening now and then but now I am not sure whether in the past days has happened in Wikimedia or in my personal wiki, hosted at I'll pay more attention and report here any news.

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I'll mark this as Resolved, since the problem is not appearing anymore. Feel free to adjust to a better resolution. Thank you for the fix!

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